Eight Foods That Harm Sperm and Prevent Conception

Harm Sperm

One of the main causes of a couple’s failure to conceive successfully is male reproductive problems. In due course, this can become rather annoying. Male infertility issues impact a person’s mental and emotional well-being in addition to their physical health. 

A couple trying to conceive must get rid of certain foods called sperm-killing food to facilitate conception. This includes:

1. Soft drinks and sugary foods

The person must be aware of his intake of sugar. Sugar intake can make one overweight and cause heart issues. It’s been found to decrease your sperm count as well as the quality of your sperm. This is why it’s crucial to manage your sugar intake.

2. Processed meat

Processed meats like hotdogs, bacon, and ham have many preservatives that could harm your sperm. Some processed meats contain more hormones than regular meat and thus alter testosterone levels.

3. Foods in cans

The cans contain BPA which is a chemical that has effects that are similar to estrogen. This can reduce the number of sperm and also affect the quality.

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4. Organ meats

Organ meats like liver or intestines. maybe tasty, but they’re not good for sperm quality because they’re high in the mineral cadmium. It alters the number of sperm in your.

5. Alcohol & Caffeine

It’s been proven that drinking large quantities of alcohol can boost the amount of estrogen in your body which can decrease the number of sperm in your body. Alcoholic drinks can also harm the liver, so it is carefully to stay clear of them.

Low sperm count means excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption. Similar to aerated beverages, the body experiences oxidative stress when it is overindulged in alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. Given this, it is best to keep your intake of alcohol and caffeine to no more than two servings per day.

Naturally, some meals rank low on the nutrition scale or receive no points at all. Junk food, for example, not only damages the heart and digestive system but also inhibits the formation of sperm cells and reduces male fertility. Similarly, anabolic steroids can cause testicles to atrophy and have an impact on sperm production, while illegal medications can reduce sperm count and so impair fertility.

6. Products made from soybeans

Soybeans are a great source of protein and are delicious, however in the event that you’re trying for conception then it may be beneficial to cut them out of your diet. Consuming a lot of soy could influence the effects of estrogen in your body, resulting to a lower number of sperm.

7. Milk with full fat and Dairy

Sometimes, cows eat pesticides and other chemicals that are found in the environment. These chemicals bind to fat inside the cow’s body, and can also be found in the milk. These chemicals could create sperm issues, for instance, sperm that is not of high quality.

8. Pesticide- and preservative-treated fruits and vegetables

Pesticides and preservatives have an important purpose in keeping vegetables healthy and free of insects, however, they can cause harm to your body. Are you aware that pesticides have been proven to cause menstrual infertility? The bottom line is that eating organic fruits and vegetables is the best way to avoid this. So you’ll be able to ensure that the food you consume isn’t contaminated with harmful chemicals.

The final point

Many people are affected by infertility, and there are probably several contributing reasons. Studies indicate that nutrition plays a big part in a person’s ability to become fertile, regardless of gender.

Research points to possible benefits for reproductive health from avoiding ultra-processed carbohydrates, red and processed meats, sugary drinks, and some dairy items.

Adopting lifestyle practices that enhance your general well-being is also a smart move. Fertility may also be supported by behaviors including stress management, exercise, quitting smoking, and getting enough sleep.