Egg Donor Program – A Promising Decision to Help Childless Couples

Egg Donor Program

The backdrop of egg donation process has changed big time in the past few years and while people were quite hesitant towards the whole process, their mentality is now going through a change. There is a drastic increase in the total number of pregnancies achieved with the help of Egg donors and the number is ever increasing.

Significance of Egg donation process in IVF

Egg donation comes as a big blessing for all the women who are looking to bear a child but couldn’t do it because of their random infertility issues. Some of these major issues are:

– A condition known as premature ovarian failure where the menopause starts earlier than the age 40 in few of the women.

-Diminishing ovarian reserve which is known as a situation where the quality of eggs in the women is quite low. This is mainly due to the increased age as the fertility aspect minimizes after the age of 40 years.

-A case scenario where the women under observation doesn’t want to convey any kind of health issues or disease to the future child.

-A situation where the women has gone through a number of miscarriages earlier due to random issues with the quality and quantity of her eggs.

Egg donation has come beneficial to most of the women who have crossed the 40 years age mark and if we look at the numbers in the past few years, the same fact can be confirmed. This is pushed by another medical fact that states that the chances of pregnancy increases when fresh eggs are been used instead of frozen ones for the pregnancy purpose.

Who all can become an egg donor?

Becoming an egg donor isn’t an easy job in hand and the person has to go through a number of tests and diagnostics whilst qualifying on a pre defined check list.

-Must be between 21-28 years of age

-Must be having regular monthly periods

-Must not be having any kind of reproductive disorders or abnormalities

-Should be healthy in mental and physical aspects

-Must be having a BMI under 28 

-Must not be addicted to smoking, alcohol or any kind of recreational drugs

-Must not be currently on Depo-Provera shot

-She must not be on Implanon/Nexplanon arm implant at the time of application

-Must be willing and patient enough to go through with detailed medical and psychological evaluation

-Must be willing to take inject able medication

-The process might run for 6 months so she should be okay with that also

-Must be supported by her family and loved ones for her decision to donate her eggs

Egg donation programs have really helped all the couples to make them achieve their parenthood dreams in the past few years and the number is increasing day by day. Once a couple thinks about going with the IVF treatment after ascertaining their incapability of conceiving the natural ways, the requirement of an egg donor comes fruitful when the female partner is going through certain infertility issues. It totally depends on the existing rules and laws of the country you are looking for the egg donor which would clarify the whole process. Still the couples, egg donor and the agency has to go through a proper agreement before getting ahead with the same process and its all up to the three parties whether the Egg donor’s identity will be revealed in the whole process or not.