Does At Home Teeth Whitening Effect?


You only have to search online about at-home teeth whitening kits; then, you will see these kits everywhere on social media. It seems many people are using these kits. It sounds like the whitening kits just blow up overnight, but why? Is it really effective? You may wonder, can you whiten your teeth with the help of an at-home whitening kit without any expensive dental treatment? Everything can have better results when you get the use of a doctor. The whitening process is also the same. You may get white teeth, but this process doesn’t last long, and finally, you will need the help of an honest cosmetic dentist. There are thousands of whitening kits available in dental clinics, and it will be hard for you to choose one of the best and most practical ones. You must be careful in selecting these kits because some expensive kits have no positive long-term effects.

Which Home Teeth Whitening Kit Is the Best? 

As a professional dentist who offers teeth whitening in Richmond Hill points out, it would help if you chose an at-home teeth whitening kit that works and fits with all of your natural teeth. Moreover, the best whitening kit comes from all-natural ingredients, so it doesn’t cause pain or sensitivity.

You must check out the instructions for using these whitening kits. Primarily, you need to use the whitening kit 10 minutes a day. This process lasts for 6 days. A good whitening kit will guarantee white teeth and a beautiful smile. 

You must quickly understand the difference if you are tired of visiting dentists and must stay home but get white teeth. These whitening kits can be the best choice, but you must consider your chosen kit’s brand and name. 

Don’t forget, it is good and impressive to see dentists for a check-up even after using the whitening kit at your home. These dental doctors will try to make your teeth whiter and help you have a brighter smile. 

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Is at Home Teeth Whitening Kit Better than Professional One?

The answer to this question depends on your budget, time, expectations, dental conditions, and other essential or impressive matters. The first thing about a home whitening kit is its lower price than the professional method. 

Therefore, a home whitening kit is a better choice for those who don’t have too much money. You can have white teeth without high prices. Another significant difference between these 2 methods is the activating process. 

Professional cosmetic dentists use hydrogen peroxide in the LED light, but the whitening kit is somehow different at home. These kits primarily consist of:

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Sodium chlorite
  • Pomegranate
  • Chamomile flower
  • Aloe vera ( a big difference)

The best at-home whitening kit must come from natural materials to be more effective. This is an alternative. You make the final decision to choose which whitening process is better for you.

We recommend choosing the best cosmetic dentist near your living place and asking to brighten your teeth. The professional whitening process will be more practical than a home whitening kit.