What to Expect in Terms of Dental Implant Pain and Recovery


Medical procedures are known for their effects like pain and swelling but the most painful is considered to be the dental procedures. Dental procedures are often regarded as the most painful ones but that’s not always the case. The pain depends on the p[erson. If the person takes good care after the procedure then he is more likely to recover fast with less pain. 

Dental procedures are not only costly but they consume a lot of your time. With the new and advanced technologies like the AZ CADCAM is providing, the procedures have become less painful and easy to manage. But still, people are terrified of dental implants. Dental implants can easily be managed if the procedure is well explained and if the patient knows about aftercare and recovery. 

What Is Dental Implant? 

Dental implants are a dental procedure to give the patient a missing or damaged part of their teeth back. It usually includes implanting a new tooth or bone grafting. These implants are used because of any infections, or cavities or to give your whole face a better look. The dental implants are permanent and can get infused with the other parts of the teeth later. 

Pre-Implant considerations 

Before jumping onto dental implants, discuss your condition in detail with your dentists. In some cases, implants are not needed and dentures can be enough. But to find the most suitable cost-effective solution consult your dentist. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that some dental implants require procedures that can affect your healthy area of the mouth. The drilling and attachments may disturb other teeth and gums. To avoid such a situation the best you can, prepare your questions to ask your dentist. You should ask questions like; will this surgery affect the healthy part of your mouth, can you choose any other less expensive method? Is it possible to repair the existing part instead of introducing an implant? 

Your detailed consideration and opinions of dentists will help you save yourself from unnecessary pain. 

Pain Management During Implant 

The dental implant is basically a surgical procedure. And as all surgical procedures require, dental implants are also initiated by giving local anesthesia to numb the area. The local anesthesia is just to numb the surgical area. It is provided by injecting an injection into the jaw or wherever required. 

Pain Management After Implant 

The whole procedure will be performed under the numbing effect of the local anesthesia and after the end of the procedure, you will start to have sensations in your affected area. The sensational comeback maybe after 24 or more hours. It will start with a little pain. The pain will be manageable and if not it can be managed by painkillers. 

The patient can also face a little swelling around the implanted area. The swelling can be managed by a cold press or any medication prescribed by the dentist. The swelling solution will also help in managing the pain. 

The pain and swelling are expected to last 24 to 82 hours. If more than that it is advised to get your dentist’s appointment and get your treated area checked thoroughly. 

The Recovery Process 

The recovery process should be smooth if you are following the advice of your dentists. The recovery period for a dental implant is about five to seven days and it can take longer depending on the severity of your case. If the process takes longer than what your dentists suggested, visiting your dentist is the best thing you can do. 

You can make your healing process easy and manageable by following your diet and taking your medicines. The general steps for a dental implant patient include taking food in the form of liquids, soft food, warm water, and icing in case of swelling. Caffeine, alcohol consumption, and smoking are strictly out of the question. 

Another thing that can hinder your recovery process is the pressure on your implant. It is better to take soft food and avoid drinking through straws. 

Possible Risks 

Every medical procedure comes with a risk but dental procedures cost you not only your health but also a lot of money. The reason for the failure of the procedure or under-risk recovery is due to not taking care of your dental health.

The risks can elevate if you put pressure on your teeth. Another way to put your dental implant at risk is ignoring its screams for help. There are possibilities that your dental implant can fail and the dentist can do the procedure without risking your health. 

Before putting yourself through hard food and a bad diet you should wait for your dental implant to infuse with your existing gum and jaw., This will help you heal completely and the risk of re-implanting will be lesser. 

Avoid using straws for drinking. This might seem like you are saving your gums and teeth to get in direct contact with the liquid but in actuality, you are straining your gum. The effort takes to hold a straw in your mouth, that shape is not good for your gums and jaw bone. The after p[rocedure risks are tricky but by listening to your dentist and taking care of your operated area you can recover quickly. 


A dental implant is indeed a lengthy and tiring procedure. But the pain can be managed by using pain management techniques and using the best technology during the procedures like the one used by AZ CADCAM. Modern safe practices and technology make the dental implant a less complicated and quick-to-heal procedure. 

Aftercare is always necessary and to make sure that the implant stays long and does not fail you should follow your dentist’s instructions. Don’t forget to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and in case of unbearable pain take prescribed medicine or visit your dentist to check if the implant is reacting well or not.