Recommended Diet After Getting Dental Implants


If you want a natural, effective way to replace your missing teeth, don’t forget about dental implants! You feel insecure and shy to smile when you want to take a photo or talk to your friends if you have missing teeth, especially in front. Dental implants can solve all these problems and make you confident and happy once again. They replace your missing teeth in the best way possible as they are the most similar option to your natural teeth. Therefore, many patients want to be candidates for dental implants rather than other tooth replacement options. However, getting dental implants isn’t easy, and you must go through difficult times until you get healed. The implant procedure requires oral surgery, which means you need to plan for a standard recovery time afterward. According to an experienced dentist performing one of the best dental implants in North York, after implant surgery, your diet is one of the most important things to consider. Besides having enough rest, you must carefully maintain what you eat and follow your implant dentist’s instructions. Many people worry about what they can eat and find it hard to prepare a suitable diet during recovery days. Fortunately, there are many options you have to use in your diet until you can get back to your everyday life. Today’s article explains everything you should know about an appropriate diet after implant surgery.

Implant Recovery Time

Besides dental implant surgery, you may need bone graft surgery before. This step is necessary for those with a lack of jawbone density. Enough amount of jawbone is essential to completely support dental implants and prevent further problems. Next, you are ready to get dental implants. After dental implant surgery, you need to rest for at least a week and eat soft and recommended foods so your wounds can adequately heal. Your implant dentist will explain everything you need to know to experience a great recovery time. Preparing your meals before the surgery can be a wise decision to save energy and rest more during your recovery period. For the first 12 hours, smoothies and pureed foods are the best options you can have. Then you can try other soft foods, and don’t chew on the surgery site ever.

Helpful Tips to Have Excellent Meal Planning after Implant Surgery

  • Eat natural, soft foods: As we mentioned, it’s so important to avoid chewing after getting dental implants. Foods like cooked cereals, mashed potatoes, soups and sauteed leafy greens are great options as you don’t need to chew while eating them and are also nutritious.
  • Drink plenty of water: Drinking water is essential to a safe, effective recovery time. Water can remove debris and acid and can clean your wounds to heal faster.
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  • Avoid hard snacks: Although nuts, seeds and other sticky and crunchy foods seem yummy, you need to seriously avoid them to prevent further problems.
  • Avoid acidic meals: It’s important to remove all acidic foods and drinks from your everyday meals while recovering.

You can visit your implant dentist for more information and checkups!