Different Variations And Functions Of Dental Curettes


The curettes are vital dental tools which help in cleaning the calculus and plaque. These dental curettes also deal with damaged roots and periodontal fibers. In this regard, this tool performs many important functions in oral procedures. It is crucial to understand its role in many applications of dental procedures. 

Patterns And Variations Of Curettes 

A wide range of designs is available for this dental instrument. These are suitable to perform specific functions. The features of these tools enable a dentist to work efficiently. 

The universal curette is the best option to go within all the cases. It has a round-shaped blade important for ligation. This tool is reliable to use for scaling. A dentist has to change its position and hold the entire tool with a firm grip. This will allow him to treat more than one type of tooth. 

Area Specific Curettes 

The Gracey dental curette is a typical dental tool in this case. The area-specific curettes are suitable to work on a single structure. It means that they can not treat all the oral structures. The body of Gracey curette is ideal in this regard. This can help to scale the embedded roots. The features of this particular dental tool are important. The arch-shaped blade allows for perfect performance during surgical procedures. 

The Gracey curette has a particular technique to apply. A dentist has to follow this method during dental procedures. This will also help to protect the adjacent oral structures. The user has to adjust the position of the shanks of this curette. The amount of force is another crucial factor to keep in mind. 

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Area-Specific Or Universal Curette

The primary difference between these two comes in the blade designs. The area-specific curettes have arch-shaped blades. Such curettes are usable for a specific oral structure, either teeth or roots. The universal curettes are reliable for the entire oral cavity. This makes these dental instruments ideal for multifunctioning. 

The Gracey curette is a suitable option for different teeth. These include canines and molars. A dentist can use Gracey curette to treat tooth-relevant problems. It has an ergonomic design that fits the job. The proper technique of application enables successful dental procedures. 

Dental curettes are essential in surgical procedures.

These dental tools focus on the gum and tooth-relevant problems. One of the major gum issues is gingivitis. This dental condition occurs when a person does not take care of his or her gums. The gums can recede and also begin to bleed in some cases. This causes pain and irritation to the patient. This is where dental tools like curettes come in. These tools with specific blade shapes clean the plaque on the teeth. The actual cause of gingivitis is the presence of plaque and tartar. Such a harmful presence leads to dental complications. Curettes clean the plaque with their tips.  Read Also : teeth aligners

Functions of Periodontal curettes

Following are the important advantages of curettes for the dentists and patients: 

  • Such dental equipment accommodates the dental cleaning procedures of plaque and calculus. This tool can also treat the root problems.  
  • It removes the cementing substances on the teeth left after different dental procedures. The sharp blades of this tool help in this purpose. 
  • It has precise blades which are thin. These thin blades enable a dentist to reach deep roots and tissues. 
  •  The user can apply the curettes in a trouble-free manner. This tool also protects the adjacent structures from stress. All of the functions of curettes include gentle and slow movements. This avoids complications in the dental procedures as well. 

Cautions While Using The Periodontal Curettes 

It is important to maintain dental tools. Dental curettes are one of them. They comprise a steel body and counterparts. For this reason, proper lubrication and sterilization are important. Sterilization includes many other techniques. Rinsing and drying off with a towel is a typical sterilization method. Using a disinfectant spray can be a good choice. The main purpose of sterilizing dental tools is to clean and wash off the blood and debris. The curettes have to be completely clean for the patients and the dental surgeons. Negligence in the maintenance of such sharp tools can cause damage and infections. Another factor important for maintenance is the replacement. If a dental instrument feels uncomfortable in the hands, it requires replacement. The technician has to replace the dull blades with sharp ones. The role of this particular dental tool includes precise performance on the patient. This is why appropriate maintenance is important after every use. 


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