5 Ways Yoga can help boost your fertility & wellness


Yoga offers a wealth of benefits for your mind as well as your body. It helps strengthen and improve flexibility as well as increase the mind’s focus and ease tension. Additionally there are some significant benefits when you’re trying to become pregnant.

A majority of couples living in the United States will struggle to be pregnant at one moment, and the process can cause a lot of damage to women’s bodies and emotions as well as their relationships. It’s not a simple process however yoga can play a beneficial part in helping women and couples, deal with the fluctuations and ups. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to try or been trying to get pregnant for a while There are five ways that yoga can aid your fertility

1. Connect to your body

Yoga is a wonderful method to reconnect to your body. We spend a lot of working at desks and are absorbed by the thoughts happening in our heads, without paying much attention to our bodies. In the process, we are disconnected. We lose at the subtle signals our bodies send us about how they feel, and what they require.

If women are struggling to conceive the baby, this disconnection can be more severe. When our bodies do not perform what we expect us to expect, we frequently feel disappointed and begin to lose connection. Yoga is a method to reconnect with the connection. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the world and concentrate on our body and our breathing, then turn our attention to the inside.

As we progress, we begin to notice subtle changes and sensations and also to be aware of the messages that our bodies give us. Yoga can help us link our breath to movements, to tune into your body’s rhythms and movements and also to be aware of physical sensations, all in a comfortable and safe space.

The ability to listen to and be in tune with our bodies instead of fighting against them is a crucial aspect of the process of fertility.

2. Oversee pressure and anxiety

The modern life is full of tensions, from work and paying expenses to family, the majority people have a lot of stress already. If you add the pressure of trying to become pregnant this can cause us to be stressed out. Stress is a key factor in the process of fertility and could be both an underlying cause and a result of infertility. It can cause an effect that can be a domino in our bodies, and causing disruption to the other hormones. Yoga is an excellent option to fight stress by teaching us how to slow down and take a step back.

Yoga can also reduce your stress response and instead triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which informs our bodies that they’re safe and sound. The reduction of stress is a great idea in helping us balance our hormones and body and improve our fertility.

3. Increment blood stream and flow

The improvement of blood flow and energy flow for our organs of reproduction is vital for a healthy and fertile life, something yoga assists in as well! If we are sitting for the majority of the time (like most of us) we tend to limit the flow of blood to our pelvis. In addition we all carry tension in the pelvic region, which may also restrict blood flow. Yoga can help by opening our hips, and increases blood flow to the pelvic region and reproductive organs supplying them with fresh blood and the vital nutrition they require to perform their job.

From an Chinese medicine viewpoint, stagnant energy also known as “chi,” can cause reproductive issues. Movement such as yoga can help open these channels of energy and allow chi to flow more freely throughout our bodies.

4. Balance your hormones

The endocrine system of your body is a complex system of glands that create various hormones, such as your testosterone, sex hormones and adrenal hormones, and many more. If one part of your system is in disarray there can be the domino effect that causes an increase in hormone imbalance. Stability of the hormones is vital to ensure the best fertility.

The majority of hormonal imbalances can be traced to the lifestyle, which includes stress. Yoga, as mentioned earlier can enhance your ability to deal with stress by soothing the nervous system. If this occurs the levels of cortisol decrease which could have the effect of balancing your entire hormonal system. In the yoga Chakra system every one of the seven chakras is associated with an endocrine gland that is vital to. Certain yoga postures specifically work through these parts of the body. These poses may affect these glands which help regulate and balance our hormones.

5. Process experience that Engage

Yoga can also provide a secure environment to face challenges and build up our resilience. It lets us sit with discomfort and challenge us to stay in a posture longer than we’d prefer, realizing that it’s just a temporary situation. This is an important ability, not just for fertility and helps prepare for birth and motherhood (which include pain as well as joy, and everything between!)

Sometimes, we might experience feelings of emotional relief when we do certain poses, due to the fact that our bodies and minds are so interconnected. It is important to allow ourselves to be open and let go of some emotional tensions through yoga practice can help us to process the process of infertility and allow us to be open to possibilities.

If you’re an experienced practitioner or new to the practice yoga can provide a wealth of advantages for those who are trying to get pregnant. If you’re trying to become pregnant, look for classes specifically geared towards fertility like Yoga for Fertility or search for classes that are labeled “gentle,” “restorative,” or “yin.” A lot of yoga classes are intense or extremely heated however, while they are excellent classes, they can frequently be draining on your body. The aim of trying to become pregnant should be to feed our bodies as often as we can.

There are Fertility Yoga classes on the Yoga Studio App that will work along with your monthly cycle to boost your fertility and hormones. Most important to keep in mind is your body’s an incredible, life-giving instrument. Be sure to honor and nourish it throughout your journey to motherhood – no matter what the journey might look like.