Why You Should Choose Script All DNA Dicom Viewer For Medical Practice?

DNA Dicom

Despite the high adoption rates and the multitude of options, even the most tech-savvy provider can be frustrated by the complexity of medical software systems.

It can be difficult to view and share medical images from different systems due to interoperability issues. This is especially true if providers use outdated EMR software, or don’t have a Picture Archiving and Communication System. Providers must have the necessary software tools to view, edit, and share medical images as medicine shifts towards a filmless future. Many providers now use standalone DICOM viewers to accomplish this.

DICOM stands for digital imaging and Communications for medicine. It is an international standard format file and protocol for network communication that was developed by the American College of Radiology (ACR), specifically for medical imaging. DICOM is a standard format for viewing and sending images that most EHR systems can support. A standalone viewer is not necessary if you are already able to view DICOM images in your EHR. If your system does not support DICOM or you have difficulty communicating with a PACS/RIS system or an EHR, or both, a DICOM viewer is a great way to get started looking at images.

These systems will allow you to securely view, edit and share DICOM images. Some have paid versions for commercial use. These usually offer more functionality or won’t remind users that they are using a trial version. This software are not in any particular order and represent some of the best on the market.

What is ViewDNA Dicom?

View DNA is a zero-footprint, fully-integrated DICOM viewer (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) that is designed to diagnose, retrieve, display, store, transmit, and print medical images. It is browser-based and has all the tools for taking measurements, manipulating images (such as 3D reconstruction), and adding relevant image data. In addition to that, it connects seamlessly with any PACS system and centralizes settings across multiple workstations. View DNA is FDA approved and allows the user to access data from any device, anywhere, at any time and is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

View DNA is a proven system in hospitals and imaging centres across the United States.

DICOM / PACS / RIS Workflow

Integrating DICOM, PACS, and RIS is no longer a hassle. Contact our experts to learn more about having a seamless integration process.