Who Are Good Candidates for Dental Implants?


People care about their appearance more than before, so dental appearance has become one of the most important and impressive matters in recent years. People are looking for various methods to replace their lost and missed teeth. Based on the gathered information, dental implants are the most popular option for those wanting to replace their missed and lost tooth. The cosmetic dentist places a titanium screw into your jawbone as your dental root during implant surgery. If you are eager to try implant surgery, it is better to get some information about its benefits, risks, features, surgery process, aftercare, and features of a good candidate. Experts say implants cannot be a good surgery for every dental patient. It means only some dental patients are suitable candidates for implant surgery. Your jawbone conditions, along with your overall physical health, are important for performing implant surgery. We will tell you more about implant surgery candidates’ features.

Is My Age Important for Dental Implants? 

According to a dentist offering dental implants in Scarborough, the dental patient’s bone density is critical to perform the implant process successfully. Only some people can be an ideal candidate for implant surgery. It would help if you considered your oral and dental health to be sure about performing implants. 

First, you must find a professional cosmetic dentist who observes your oral and dental condition. Note that age is one of the most critical matters in increasing or decreasing the success rate of implants. 

Although most cosmetic dentists don’t care about your age before performing the implant surgery, age is one of the ideal factors to consider before starting the implant process. 

Your jaw bone health, density, and overall health relate to your age. As cosmetic dentists recommend, adults over the age of 18 are good candidates for trying implanting surgery. 

Older patients may recover long after their implant surgery, while younger ones will get better very soon. 

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Your Overall Health Condition Is Important for Dental Implant

Besides age, jaw bone density, oral health, and dental condition, there are extra options and factors to consider before implant surgery. The stability of your performed implants depends on your age and overall health condition. 

Having healthy oral and dental conditions is vital before getting ready for the implant process. Cosmetic dentists may offer additional dental treatments that need boosted dental and oral diseases.

Improved implant surgery is needed healthy oral and dental conditions. Although an implant is the best replacement for missed teeth, it may damage you if you don’t have a healthy mouth, gum line, or jawbone. 

Get sure about your oral health, then decide to experience implant surgery. Sometimes, you will need root canal therapy before trying implant surgery. 

It means your oral and dental health condition is more critical than the replacement process. Dental treatments are more essential in comparison with teeth replacement.

 You must have healthy teeth, jawbone, and gum line to support the new artificial teeth in the right location, so repair and treat your dental condition before implant surgery. 

Generally, be sure about the aftercare process of your surgery and follow the recommended instructions.