What is the health benefit of infrared therapy and what are the risks?

health benefit of infrared therapy
health benefit of infrared therapy

Infrared therapy is a novel and revolutionary method of using light to treat inflammation and pain throughout the body. Contrary to UV light, which may damage the skin’s surface, infrared light stimulates the regeneration of cells. Infrared light is absorbed by the area of inflammation or injury at specific wavelengths, which aids in the repair of cells.

The primary feature of infrared light is its ability to penetrate the most esoteric layers of skin, which provides better pain relief. Additionally, infrared light therapy is natural, safe non-invasive, non-invasive and painless. This means it is capable of providing a wide spectrum of health advantages.

Why is Infrared Therapy Widely Used Today?

Infrared radiation therapy is extensively used in dentistry, medicine as well as veterinary medicine for autoimmune disorders, to mention some. It is completely non-toxic and safe and can be utilized as an alternative therapy for diverse health issues, such as joint stiffness, muscle pain, and arthritis, just to mention several.

Infrared therapy can play a number of functions within your body. It is used for cleansing, pain relief, the reduction of muscle tension and relaxation, increased circulation as well as weight reduction, skin cleansing, reduced side effects of diabetes, strengthening of the immune system as well as lowering in blood pressure.

What are the Health Benefits of Infrared Therapy?

Cardiovascular Health

One of the most important advantages of infrared treatment for health is the improvement in heart health. Infrared light enhances levels of nitric Oxide, an important signaling molecule that is essential for maintaining blood vessel health.

This molecule aids in relaxing vessels and prevents blood from clotting and becoming clumpy in the blood vessels. In addition, it also fights free radicals in order to reduce oxidative stress and control blood pressure.

Nitric oxide plays a vital role in enhancing blood circulation which delivers greater oxygen and nutrients to tissues that are injured. Infrared light accelerates wound healing and encourages the growth of damaged tissues, decreasing pain and inflammation.

Pain and Inflammation

Infrared therapy can be a successful and safe solution for inflammation and pain. It can penetrate through the skin’s layers into bones and muscles. Because infrared therapy increases and increases circulation in the skin and in other parts of the body.

It may provide nutrients and oxygen to tissues that are injured, and aid in healing. It can ease discomfort, reduce inflammation, and helps protect against damage from oxidative stress. Check out in detail about physiotherapist in Mumbai for muscular pain treatment.

Muscular Injuries

Infrared therapy increases the activity of mitochondria in cells, which triggers the development and repair of new muscle cells and tissues. In terms of infrared radiation, it will speed up the healing process after an injury to the muscle.


Infrared therapy may be utilized via saunas. Detoxification is important because they can improve immunity. Additionally, detoxification assists biological processes to function effectively and improves the digestion of food. In infrared saunas the body’s temperature increases which lead to detoxification at the level of the cell.

Potential Cancer Cure

Infrared therapy could be an effective treatment for cancer. Research has shown significant activation of nanoparticles once they are exposed to radiation infrared making them highly harmful to the cancerous cells surrounding them.

One such method is photoimmunotherapy. This involves using an antibody-photo absorber complex that binds cancer cells.

Inflicting death on cancer cells through Infrared Light Photoimmunotherapy

What are the Risks Linked to Infrared Therapy?

Every day, we are exposed to infrared light from the sun, which is reflected in warmth. Infrared saunas are popular today, however, experts warn about the dangers to health.

The effects of heat or thermal injury can be a possibility, based on what wavelength is used by infrared light. Infrared heat injuries can happen even without discomfort. Additionally, pregnant women and those suffering from heart conditions, and those who are sick should not undergo infrared treatment.

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Experts also warn against the use of infrared therapy in treating chronic diseases, while not considering the necessity of medication and the recommended treatment methods.

While infrared therapy is touted to provide numerous health benefits, the research isn’t exhaustive. In present, it is recommended to consider it an addition to treatments, and any other regimens should be maintained as directed.