What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?


In explaining cosmetic dentistry, one of the most important elements of beauty is having a beautiful smile and design. Single and clear teeth can guarantee your attractiveness and beauty. Beautiful teeth are a sign of your beauty and attractiveness. No beauty is attractive without neat and clean teeth.

As a dentist at Toronto cosmetic dentistry explains, cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of dental services; veneers, laminates, and dental implants are a very small part of the special services of a cosmetic dentist. With the help of dental beauty services, you can solve the problems of the appearance of the teeth and enjoy an attractive and pleasant face.

Useful Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures You Should Know About

In the first step, you should be examined by a doctor to determine what cosmetic dentistry is, and after a complete examination, the necessary procedures will be prescribed for you.

Teeth whitening or bleaching

Using materials or veneers will make your teeth white, and you will no longer need to be embarrassed while smiling. This method uses oxidizing materials such as hydrogen peroxide to make the teeth brighter.

Teeth bleaching performed under the supervision of a dentist will not cause any special complications. Still, in some cases, sensitivity has been seen in the teeth, which is normal and will be resolved using anti-allergic toothpaste. In modern dentistry, the laser is used for bleaching. The main advantage of using a laser in bleaching is to reduce the time the bleaching agent is placed on the teeth, which reduces the possibility of damage to the teeth and gums to a minimum.

Inlay and Onlay method

Using this method, materials that are the same color as the teeth are attached to the teeth. Have you seen that some people have black teeth? This method is very responsive, and you can whiten your front teeth.

Composite bonding

In this method, dentists fill the tooth’s cavity pierced with such a material to prevent further decay.

Smile design

If a cosmetic dentist uses one or more of the above methods to beautify teeth, we say he has used the smile design method. In this method, if the teeth need to be repaired, it will also be fixed. For example, dental orthodontics is recommended for people with jaw deformities or overlapping teeth. After the orthodontic procedure, the dentist takes the necessary measures for teeth bleaching or dental implants.

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Does Cosmetic Dentistry Hurt?

Cosmetic treatments such as dental laminates and veneers often have very mild pain, and you may not even feel any pain during the procedure. However, the orthodontic method brings pain, especially in the first sessions when the molding is done. Oral surgery and dental implants are associated with pain.

In the implant method, the teeth are implanted inside the gums, and the jaw bone is also involved in the implantation process. For this reason, a little bleeding may occur. In general, dentists use a variety of anesthesia ampoules so that you, dear ones, do not feel pain during the work.