Top 4 Benefits of Hijama Therapy


Have you ever heard about a therapy called hijama therapy? Well, if you are not familiar then you must be living under a rock. But, don’t worry, I am here to educate you about the importance and also the meaning of hijama therapy. This cupping therapy was first introduced by ancient Chinese as a form of treatment. This has also been used by Egyptians a lot. Cupping helps a lot in fixing a number of issues in your body and is commonly known by the name hijama.

This technique is full of benefits and uses bamboo or glass cups mostly to carry out the procedure. It is one of the best methods and approaches used to relieve pain and provide long-term relief. Only after a few sessions of best hijama in Islamabad, you start to feel your body healing and doing much better than usual. 

How Does Hijma Work? 

A cloth lit in fire is inserted in the cup just to take out all the air. This creates a great vacuum and then the cups are placed on the meridian lines that are found on the back or also on the areas where there is treatment needed. 

The vacuum then sucks the skin up into it and then this suction results in pulling blood out. This blood and energy flow then results in healing. 

Benefits of Hijama/Cupping

There are some great benefits of hijama therapy that can benefit you in several ways. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits. 

  1. Quick Pain Relief 

Cupping or hijama can help a lot in relieving different pains from the body. It specifically works in relieving pain that occurs due to arthritis. Other pains that can be managed well by cupping therapy include migraines, dental pain, muscle pain and sciatica.

Cupping or hijama can work great for curing joint pain also. Hijama increases the circulation of blood and mobility. This is the reason why it is great for treating conditions like lumbago, shoulders and stiff neck. 

  1. Great For Skin

A lot of times, people don’t understand that having bad skin is mostly dependent on what actually goes inside your body. Cupping therapy increases blood flow which increases the supply of the oxygen and other great nutrients needed for a healthy skin. 

Hijama is also great in reducing the occurrence of acne again and again. It also helps in other skin diseases and conditions like cellulite and eczema. Cupping therapy also helps in the expansion of blood vessels. This expansion then facilitates the flow of blood and removes toxic substances from the surface of the skin. 

So, if you are facing issues with your skin and are tired of visiting doctors again and again, I would suggest you to go and visit a hijama specialist and get it done as soon as possible.

  1. Get Rid of Fatigue Syndrome

In this fast paced world there is very less time available for rest and to rejuvenate yourself. Even if you have time to take a rest we are still troubled  by other distractions like smartphones, laptops and other digital gadgets. This can result in chronic fatigue syndrome. 

This can be really disturbing and can cause severe symptoms but the good news is that hijama or cupping can help a lot in the management of fatigue syndrome. So, to avail the benefits, make sure you find the best hijama practitioner that can provide you with the best of benefits. 

  1. Asthma Treatment

Congestion, if anybody knows, is the buildup of phlegm or fluid in the lungs that can be cured by cupping therapy. Even asthma can be cured by using cupping therapy.

The suction that occurs from the cups can help in breaking up and expelling congestion. This then helps in bringing the oxygen rich blood to your lungs  and to the respiratory muscles. 

Cups used in cupping therapy are mostly used on the back but these are placed on the chest when there comes time to heal issues related to respiration. To facilitate the movement of the lymph fluid the practitioner might glide the cups in upward motion. Facial cupping if done right can help a lot in unblocking the sinuses that otherwise can cause issues in breathing and normal respiration.

So, to treat congestion and asthma, make sure that you make good use of cupping therapy and treat these issues timely in order to get the needed benefits. 


Cupping therapy or hijama can work great for you only if you give it a try. So in order to get your problems solved or to get free from all the ailments just give hijama therapy a try, so that you get the needed treatment without even relying on medication. So make yourself feel a therapeutic experience by diving into cupping therapy sessions.