The Best Supplements for Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin

Are you suffering with dry and itchy skin, there’s some good information… research has found that a range of different supplements can be beneficial to treat the cause behind the itching. In this article, we’ll take a examine the causes of itching and will examine the best remedies to combat your skin’s itching completely and permanently…

Sunset Primrose Oil

Evening primrose is considered to be one of the top natural sources of omega 6 fatty acid referred to as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is, in turn, provides numerous anti-inflammatory benefits to the body. Because many itchy skin are in their base an inflammation response, this is why a lot of people discover evening primrose oil to be beneficial. Therefore, even though evening primrose oil isn’t able to completely treat these skin issues but it can help ease the symptoms and create an improvement to swelling and inflammation of the skin.


Probiotics could be foods or supplements that contain living organisms. The most well-known examples of food items that contain probiotics include cheddar cheese mozzarella, yoghurt, and pickles. Additionally, a variety of probiotic supplements are in the market, and different products, such as yogurt drinks being enriched with probiotics.

What they all share is the fact that all all contain living “friendly” bacteria. After consumption, these friendly bacteria travel into the intestine which is where they assist in helping to “top to” the bacteria levels already present.

A few studies suggest that higher levels of these good bacteria may help reduce the number of harmful microorganisms that are found in our body. The connection with gut bacteria as well as skin is the subject of current research and the current consensus that probiotics can improve your immune system which makes the risk less unpleasant skin eruptions to develop.

In addition to helping with dry skin, probiotics provide a variety of health benefits that could be beneficial, such as improvement in digestion. Similar to other supplements, the effects aren’t immediate but over a number of time, many people experience the benefits in a real way.

Vitamin B12

Studies have confirmed that there is a link between women who are pregnant and an vitamin B12 deficiency, and their children experiencing eczema upon birth. Vitamin B12 has also been thought to be a factor in a range of skin diseases, a few of which are vitiligo, mouth ulcers, and acne (aphthous and stomatitis). Studies have also revealed that correcting Vitamin B12 deficiencies can result in positive changes in skin issues. One study showed significant improvement in the symptoms of eczema within just 8 weeks, with 59% of the participants saying their conditions are either “good” and “very excellent”.

Fish Oil

It is believed that fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids is believed to aid in the treatment of skin problems including the eczema. “Leukotriene B4” is a substance found that is found in the body and is closely linked to inflammation. Fish oil is believed to lower levels of leukotriene within the body, which can help improve these conditions.

The beneficial effects have been proven in scientific research. A study carried out by University of Maryland Medical Center found that, in patients with eczema affected by the condition, they experienced significant improvement after only 12 weeks of supplementation with fish oil.

Vitamin D

Researchers have found that those with eczema and other skin diseases similar to this are more likely to suffer from less vitamin D than the general population. The use of the vitamin D supplement increases the levels of vitamin D, which helps lessen the extent that itchy skin.


Hydrocortisone is a medication for corticosteroid also known as a steroid. It usually comes on the market in form of lotion, cream or ointment which is applied on the skin. Hydrocortisone is used to treat a range of skin disorders, including Eczema, eczema, and psorias heating to lessen swelling, itching and pain. It is commonly used together with pramoxine. Pramoxine is a form of drug that is referred to as an anesthetic, functions by numbing the affected region of the skin, which relieves irritation and itching.


Calamine is a medicine to treat itch that is designed to be used externally to the skin. It is sprayed on the skin to alleviate and reduce itching and irritations. It works by generating cool sensations on the the skin following application, dissociating you from the itching. Calamine has zinc oxide that is believed to enhance the skin’s barrier and the outside environment and reduce itching sensations. Calamine can also be thought to slow down the rate of growth of bacteria that can stop skin irritations from getting more severe.

Elective strategies to relieve an Itch

Supplements aren’t all you need to lessen itching on the skin. There are many other ways that itchy skin can be treated, based on the location where itching develops, the root reason for the itching and the severity of the itching. You can try to ease itching by following the suggestions of dermatologists:

  • Make sure the area is cool by Applying a cold, moist bit of material on the area that is itchy for 5 to 10 minutes at a time will aid in soothing the itching by keeping it moisturized, and the cooler temperature may aid in reducing any redness and swelling.
  • Moisture: it’s essential to keep the area well-hydrated – dry skin will be extremely itchy.
  • Skincare: If you can avoid using products for your skin that contain fragrances, perfumes and other additives because they could cause further irritation to the skin.


As you can observe, there are various reasons people might experience itchy skin. As such, there’s no specific method to prevent or treat it. However, there are many different supplements available, taken in their own or in a combination, will significantly reduce symptoms of itchy skin as well as the associated skin conditions. Due to their affordable prices and high safety rating increasing numbers of people are choosing to explore natural supplements to supplement their wellness routine.