The Top Supplements to Winter Health

Winter Health

Winter can be a tough time for your health. Due to the absence of sun and the frigid temperatures, and the various viruses that make their rounds, it’s apparent that everyone is at higher risk of developing illness during winter. However, it doesn’t have to be that way…

A variety of supplements can be found to help combat winter illnesses. This is the perfect time to get your supplies and ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it requires. If you do this, you’ll stand the most likely of being healthy and fit throughout the season.

In no time, the daffodils will begin breaking through the earth, inviting the sunshine of spring and you’ll be wondering what the fuss was about.

If you’re worried with your wellbeing and would like to enjoy winter to the fullest, take a look at our most recommended supplements…

Supplements to treat Sore Joints and Aching Joints

The damp, cold winter weather can be a nightmare for joints. While the effect tends to be more severe for those suffering from arthritis, all of us can experience sensations of pain or stiffness occasionally. Joint supplements are one of the most well-studied and with Simply Supplements we offer one of the largest selections available that are available. Here are a few choices to think about…


Glucosamine is probably the most well-known joint supplement available. Studies have shown that glucosamine sulfurate aids in the production of joint tissues and decreases degeneration of cartilage with arthritis. Certain experts believe it could increase the creation of hyaluronic acids, a crucial component that serves as an “shock absorption” and assists in cushioning joints. This is why it could be especially advantageous for those who depend on painkillers to ease their pain.


Chondroitin has been thought to be as a “perfect companion” for glucosamine as numerous experts believe they function in synergy to ease the symptoms of joint pain and arthritis. For instance, one of the largest research studies conducted on chondroitin identified that those who are taking it “have an statistically significant reduction of the swelling of knee joints”.


Rosahip is an intriguing supplement, as it has been utilized as a natural remedy to ease joint pain for a long time however, it has only been recently that scientists have started to validate the claims. Evidence suggests that rosehips are an effective and safe method to decrease joint inflammation, which can reduce stiffness and pain.

Supplements to the Common Cold

The common cold can be unpleasant anytime of the year however it’s more severe when the holiday season approaches. There are plenty of supplements that are believed to support an immune system that is healthy and help keep viruses at bay.

Vitamin C

An interesting study provided participants either with daily tablets of vitamin C or placebo, then requested them to record their experiences of their illness. The results revealed that those who were taking Vitamin C supplementation were significantly less prone be sick, and in the event that they did fall ill, they had 30% fewer days of invalidity.

Another study found evidence that vitamin C users also experience an increase of 23% in the severity of symptoms if they get hit with a cold.

In the end, it’s to be no surprise that Vitamin C has been deemed “the” supplement to fight against infection.


Zinc is perhaps less known than vitamin C can be used to fight colds However, the evidence for its use is quite positive. Research has shown zinc supplements can reduce the severity and duration of colds if they begin within the first 24 hours after symptoms manifesting. Have a bottle in your refrigerator in case of emergency.


Echinacea is the purple coneflower indigenous to North America, and the leaves, flowers, and roots were used as a common herbal remedy by Native Americans after they saw wounded or sick elk searching for food sources. It’s an effective naturally-produced immune booster and research suggests that it may aid in fighting colds and coughs. A lot of people use this supplement to keep from contracting these diseases, but also to help recover quicker from these infections.

Supplements for dry skin

Winter is the time for dry and flaky hair because it is a combination of the cold, outdoor temperatures and hot centrally heated houses draw moisture from our bodies. It is believed the omega-3 oils can assist in relieving the symptoms associated with dry, itchy, or flaky skin.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is among the most well-known supplements in the world because the polyunsaturated fatty acids it is a source of are thought to be beneficial for various health conditions. For instance, studies suggest that it could help lower inflammation in the body, and thus aid in maintaining the circulatory system in a healthy way.

Equally interesting during winter, but equally important are the studies where participants who suffer from dry skin noticed improvement within a few weeks of beginning taking fish liver oil pills.

Starflower Oil

Starflower oil, extracted from borage is a healthy alternative for vegetarians for the cod liver oil. Starflower oil differs slightly from cod liver oil because it is higher in GLA, also known as gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) but each is believed to aid in the treatment of dry skin.

These supplements appear to replenish the lost oils on the skin, forming an impermeable skin barrier that blocks loss of water and keeps the skin looking smooth and soft. It’s also important to note that studies have suggested that supplementing with omega-3 oils can help reduce wrinkles which are caused by dry skin.

Supplements for Dyspepsia

It’s true that one of the most important aspects of Christmas for a lot of us is the celebration. This, unfortunately, can be detrimental to the digestion of your body, leading to gas, bloating or other feelings of discomfort. In this case, supplements could play a role in restoring the old you.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has a long-standing history in relieving stomach upsets and was utilized by the early Romans. In the present, it is a popular remedy for stomach upsets. is still popular but it can be purchased in a handy form of supplement. There is a belief that active ingredients of the plant can help soothe and relax digestion, which makes people feel more relaxed after eating a large meal.


Your digestive tract is home to a large broth of beneficial bacteria which play an important role to aid in digestion. In some cases, however the bacterial colonies be imbalanced and require some help. Bacterium are especially popular with people suffering from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. (IBS) because they appear to reduce diarrhoea issues and discomfort.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal contains millions of tiny pores that are believed to remove toxic waste out of the human body. The theory is that pure activated charcoal, in supplement form could help in absorbing the acids and gases which can trigger symptoms of indigestion.

Supplements to combat fatigue and stress

The winter season naturally makes many of us feel exhausted and unmotivated. The theory is that some of the reason for this could be due to shorter daylight hours and less sun. In addition obviously, there’s usually more socializing which occurs around Christmas and can affect regular sleep routines. Certain supplements are believed to be beneficial in this regard as well…

Vitamin D

Researchers believe that during winter months, we aren’t able to produce enough vitamin D within our skin because of the lack of sunlight that we get. In this regard, the British government suggests to all of us supplement with vitamin D in winter.

Vitamin D is involved in a variety of functions in our bodies. It helps us to keep strong and healthy bones. This is especially if we fall over on ice. Also, but equally important vitamin D is one of the most recommended remedies to the seasonal affective Disorder (SAD) which causes feeling of fatigue and depression during winter. If you’ve not felt at all like yourself lately, you should think about looking into whether you can benefit from a vitamin D-based supplement can help.


Magnesium plays a variety of functions in our bodies and one of them is its effect on the health of metabolism. In short, magnesium is essential in helping to convert the food we consume into energy usable. In the event of a magnesium shortage, it can cause fatigue even when you are following eating a balanced diet.

Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is also referred to as Panax ginseng. It is derived from the Panax root that has been used for therapeutic uses since the beginning of time. It is fast-acting and has a stimulating effect, which is helpful in reducing level of energy and fatigue during winter. Many experts suggest using an Korean Ginseng supplement can help improve the mental health and decrease stress.


As we’ve seen, while many of us fall sick during winter, there are a lot of ways we can boost our immune system. Don’t be afraid of the cold winter weather, embrace it. Get the vitamins you require and prepare for the best winter you’ve ever had.