Strategies to Manage Stress: Strategies for Women Over Fifty


Stress is a normal part of our lives, but as women who are over 50 are equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage this with ease, grace and strength. Stress that is chronic can negatively impact the physical and mental health of our clients and make efficient strategies to manage stress vital to ensure the best health possible.

Let’s look at practical methods to manage stress and foster peace and harmony.

1. Focus on Taking care of oneself

Self-care isn’t an option, it’s essential. Make sure to carve out time to engage in things that make you smile whether that’s gardening, reading, the time to walk around or engaging in a favorite sport. Maintaining your health is an effective way to reduce stress.

2. Practice Care

Mindfulness is the state of being completely present in the present moment, without judgement. Engage in practices of mindfulness such as deep breathing body scans, and meditation. These methods can aid you in staying centered and reduce stress when it comes up.

3. Keep active

Regular physical exercise is an excellent stress-busting activity. Engage in the activities you like whether that’s walking, yoga, swimming or even dancing. Physical exercise induces the release and release of endorphins which are naturally uplifting for mood.

4. Lay out Limits

Establish clear boundaries to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to tell yourself no to obligations to consume your time, and focus on activities that support your health and well-being.

5. Develop a Network of Support

Meet with your family members, and other like-minded people who inspire and encourage you. Social networks can give you a sense that you are part of a community and can provide security during difficult times.

6. Practice Using time effectively

Effectively manage your time by making a well-balanced daily routine. Split work into manageable chunks and assign tasks when you can and try to avoid overburdening yourself with obligations.

7. Participate in relaxation techniques

Discover relaxation methods such as the progressive relaxation of muscles, guided imagery or aromatherapy. These techniques help to relax and ease tension caused by stress.

8. Focus on Rest

A good night’s sleep is crucial for stress management. Create a comfortable bedtime routine and set up a relaxing setting to ensure you’re getting the sleep you require.

9. Create a Positive Mindset

Switch your focus to positive energy and gratitude. Make it a habit to focus on the things that you are grateful for. This can boost your mood and help reduce stress.

10. Find Professional Assistance

If stress becomes excessive or persistent do not hesitate to seek out help from a professional in mental health. Counseling and therapy can be beneficial strategies to reduce stress and improve your psychological well-being.

Be aware that dealing with the stress is an ongoing endeavor which requires practice and patience. Implementing these strategies in your daily routine, you can develop resilience and take on the challenges of life with a calm and focused mental attitude.

If you need additional guidance and support for stress management strategies that are specifically designed to women over 50 take a look at the Empowered Wellness Membership. Join our group of like-minded, committed individuals who are dedicated to improving their health and tackling stress in an holistic manner.