The Stomach fold Interaction from a Plastic Surgeon

Stomach fold

The Stomach fold procedure is one of the specialties offered by plastic surgeons. This procedure is a great treatment for patients who lost weight through diets or exercise, as well as bariatric surgery. Stomach fold let the surgeon shape and contour the abdomen using skin removal surgical procedure.

What is the process of Stomach fold?


A Stomach tightening removes the excess fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen. It also tightens the abdominal muscles wall. This procedure can enhance the appearance of a bulging abdomen. The consultation with plastic surgeons for a Stomach-fold procedure involves an open discussion about the objectives and worries that the person seeking treatment.

The surgeon will examine the contours of the body as well as the abdomen in detail and look over photographs. They will go over the surgical alternatives and offer their suggestions as well as the risks of the procedure. Stomach folds are often done in conjunction with liposuction or gynecological treatments. It might not be practical to fulfill the expectations of a patient by surgery, therefore it is important to know what is considered to be a real-world result.

Best candidates for a belly fold

The most suitable candidates for a Stomach fold include both women and men who are in good health but are worried about a significant fat accumulation or a an abdominal wall that is loose and fails to flex to diets or exercise regimens. The procedure is very advantageous for those who contracted their abdominal muscles and skin after multiple pregnancies, as well as those who have lost elasticity of their skin due to aging or extreme weight loss or growth.

Patients who intend to begin a weight-loss program are advised to delay the procedure until they’ve achieved the weight they want to lose. Women who plan to become pregnant in the near future must wait as abdominal muscles that are tightened in the procedure may loosen up in the course of pregnancy.

The preparation for procedure

Candidates who are interested should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure of a belly fold. The surgeon will review the patient’s medical records at the time of the initial consultation. Patients are asked to answer questions regarding the medical background of their patients, which includes the medications they are currently taking, their allergies to drugs and previous procedures. The surgeon can also inquire about a patient’s past previous history of weight gain or reduction in weight if it is the primary reason to undergo the operation.

The doctor will inspect the abdomen of the patient to decide on the best treatment options. The doctor could also take pictures of the abdomen to record reasons.

Patients are required to explain to the doctor what they are looking for in an abdominal fold, and what they think it will bring about in their appearance. The doctor will explain the pros and cons of the procedure and the potential for scarring. Previous abdominal surgery can impact the outcome.

Recovery and side effects

Following the surgery, patients will need drains inserted for a few days following. Plastic surgeons employ implantable catheters to ensure continuous delivery of pain medications at the surgical site which will reduce the requirement for a prescription of narcotic pain medications.

Patients are typically released with the aid of a pain pump after surgery. The catheters and the pumps are not in need of any extra medical attention. Patients are scheduled to be admitted to the hospital for regular follow-up appointments during one month. It can take some time to return to normal activities. many people are unable to work for a period of two or three weeks following surgery.

Stomach fold procedures

A plastic surgeon can carry out the procedure of Stomach fold with general anesthesia. The patient usually has to stay in the hospital for the duration of a day following the procedure. The surgeon will remove the fat and skin between the ribs as well as the pubis, and then strengthen the abdominal muscles. In certain cases it is possible to perform an abdominoplasty with a minimal amount of force, which is less painful and offers a simpler and quicker recovery.

How long will the results last?

So long as patients don’t have a second child or gain lots of weight, the outcomes are likely to last for the rest of their lives. However, plastic surgery will not slow the process of aging. There may be some loosening of the skin as we age however it shouldn’t be too significant. In certain instances, when patients gain weight and then shed weight and then lose weight, their abdominal skin could extend and again, which could negatively impact the overall shape of the body. Also, pregnancy causes the abdomen to relax. This is why the belly fold done is best to wait until after the birth of your child.

The final line

A Stomach fold, either complete or partial, may result in optimal results for those with weak abdominal muscles and excess skin. A few patients decide to undergo liposuction of their hips as well as other areas in order to achieve a better outcome. In most cases the results of abdominal fold are lasting in the event that the patient adheres to a balanced diet and exercise regularly.