Quinoa For Good Health & What Makes It A Healthy Grain-Substitute?

Quinoa for Good Health

Rice is considered one of the staple food for many cultures. A lot of people cannot live without rice on their table when they eat. Although some cultures can survive without this type of grain, they have substitute crops such as wheat, oat, and corn to include in their daily diet.

With the growing cases of obesity that lead to hypertension, diabetes, and other types of diseases, a lot of people should start watching out for their diet. Rice should be consumed in a limited amount because it is a rich source of carbohydrates and calories which are major contributors to high blood sugar if consumed excessively.

If one cannot live without eating a lot of rice or grain products, there is a good substitute that will not increase blood sugar or contribute to obesity-related diseases. This is the Quinoa seed which is considered one of the Home Depot Health Check 2022 best crops today. It has a nutty flavor and thicker consistency (almost chewy) than rice when cooked. كزنو888

What makes it a healthy grain substitute? عايز العب العاب

Quinoa is packed with nutrients, and vitamins and is a very good complete protein source. All essential amino acids are found in the seeds which makes it not only a substitute for rice or grain products but also for protein-rich food such as meat and poultry.

One cup of Quinoa contains 9 grams of protein. Protein is very important for our body’s growth and development as well as cell repair. If we want to do away with fats and cholesterol that are included in protein-rich food then we can take Quinoa as a substitute source of protein.

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What other health benefits does Quinoa offer?

Aside from being a complete protein source that is low in carbohydrates and calories, quinoa is a good source of dietary fiber. A lot of dieters and vegans nowadays are already including the Quinoa crop in their daily diet because it is good for digestion.

It is a colon-cleanser and it helps the kidneys in eliminating body wastes. It is also gluten-free and so it is the best crop for kids and for people who cannot ingest gluten-containing food.

Is it easy to cook/prepare?

Quinoa has an outer coating that contains saponins that has a bitter taste. To remove the bitter-tasting coating, the seeds should be soaked in water for a few hours before cooking. بوكر Or, one can run water on the seeds for a few minutes and strain with a fine strainer to separate the coating from the seeds. What is a Miracle Tree? What are the health benefits?

There are pre-packed quinoa seeds that do not have the outer coating anymore and so it is ready for cooking. It is not difficult to cook because it is similar to cooking rice wherein the ratio will be 1:2. That is 1 cup of quinoa seeds to 2 cups of water. This crop is very useful in various recipes especially those that use rice and grains as main ingredients.