How Can You Make Your Yellow Teeth White and Bright?


Typically, people with yellow teeth are willing to make significant changes in the color of their teeth; however, some types of severe dental discolorations are irremovable. This common dental issue is more visible, especially as people age. A dentist offering teeth whitening in Vancouver explains the reason for teeth discoloration as follows.

The second layer of your teeth, called dentin, becomes more visible when the enamels are gradually destroyed. Nowadays, those seeking practical methods to whiten their teeth are provided with solutions that can be used at dentists’ offices and homes.

But it should be taken into consideration that you should be careful when using whitening products at home because they can damage your enamels if you use them incorrectly. Here’s a look at the vital information that should be considered before using the specific types of whitening options to regain the brightness of your permanent teeth.

The Main Causes of Yellow & Brown Teeth

The following items are considered the most important points that can cause your natural teeth to look dark and discolored:

-People who are interested in having too much colorful consumption, such as tea, coffee, tomatoes, blueberries, etc. In addition, if your diets contain certain types of sugary food are more susceptible to experiencing dental discoloration.

-If smoking tobacco, you shouldn’t desire a set of pearly whites because this bad habit can gradually lead to yellow spots on your enamel.

-Some medications prescribed to treat severe dental and medical diseases can often lead to dental discoloration.

-Genetics is another essential factor that can create a dark shade on your natural teeth. It is a completely unavoidable cause of dental discoloration, but the good news is that cosmetic dentistry can easily solve this problem in the blink of an eye.

-Those who ignore following their dedicated dentists’ recommendations to improve their oral hygiene are more prone to experience yellowish teeth than those who try hard to have healthy and bright teeth with professional brushing and flossing.

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Safe Options of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Those who hide their teeth with their hands because they are ashamed of their discolored teeth prefer to undergo safe whitening options to preserve their teeth’ brightness painlessly.

Even if you prefer to gain your desired results at home, consulting with your dentists is still required because they are the only specialized ones to diagnose the underlying reason for your problem easily.

So they can determine if at-home types can solve your problem effectively. Here are the most common types and methods that people are highly recommended to preserve their white and bright smiles:

Essential types that should be definitely performed at your dentists’ offices: Generally, the most severe types of dental discoloration that can cause your teeth to look brown should be whitened at your experienced dentists’ offices.

-The Available options offered by dentists to use at home: Some types of dental discoloration can be easily solved with some specific methods that your dentists will offer to use at home.

-Over-the-counter options available at markets and drugstores: If your teeth are healthy and free from any dental problems can be easily treated with the help of a wide variety of whitening products available worldwide.