Dr. Curtis Cripe Provides Suggestions on How to Manage Anxiety


Psychologists such as Dr. Curtis Cripe of the NTL group will surely be able to vouch that handling the problems of the body is easier dealt with than with those related to the mind.

Mental health has been a comparatively neglected area of life till recent times. It is a relief to know that in the present times, people are attaching much importance to an individual’s mental health trying to develop means and ways of keeping it healthy.

This is a reason that many educational institutions have now recruited dedicated people in the role of ‘counselors’. These people are approached whenever any child is noticed to have some mental discomfort or disorientation in their dealings with their peers. Among the many feelings that one has to battle with day in and day out, anxiety tops the list.

Anxiety and its Effect on the Society

Unfortunately, the Covid situation has caused a lot of negative impacts on the regular lives of the common man. Irrespective of age and gender, anxiety issues have crept into society and spread like wildfire.

People had become irritated in general from being confined in their houses. While the adults still had some respite when they went out to buy things; the children suffered the most. They were utterly deprived of socialization and freedom of movement.

It was since then that the need for able psychologists and counselors increased and experts such as Dr. Curtis Cripe became the saviors and relief givers.

The fear of the unknown is always a big obstacle for a lot of people, this is primarily what causes anxiety. In this state, the emotions of fear, anger, and similar others are heightened. They are capable of reaching such heights that a person affected by them could lose their ability to think and process things.

Although this is an extreme mental condition tip, a lot of physical discomforts begin to appear as collateral damage of this. For instance, an increased heart rate or palpitation is one of the most common side effects of an anxiety attack.

Shivering of the body and an increase in the pain in those areas which may have already been experiencing mild pangs are among the other visible physical disturbances due to anxiety.

Sleeplessness, irritability, discomfort in the stomach, shortness of breath, and difficulty in concentration are a few other common symptoms when dealing with anxiety. Prolonged anxiety could also lead to the development of various phobias.

In such situations, Dr. Curtis Cripe recommends relaxation methods such as deep breathing are the most effective and helpful. This is an immediate remedy but for those who are struggling with regular anxiety attacks, it is suggested that they resort to meditation and other forms of exercise such as yoga that increase mindfulness.

Did You Know: Dr. Curtis Cripe Provides Suggestions on How to Manage Anxiety

Alongside this, the reduction in the consumption of caffeine and processed food could also help cut down on anxiety attacks. Following a little discipline in regular life wherein working, eating, exercising and sleeping have a fixed time will surely help in facing the attacks with a calmer mind, even if they cannot be entirely eliminated.