Top 10 Unexpected Benefits Of Drinking Buttermilk


Buttermilk is one of the most popular drinks and is a good thing too because of its remarkable health benefits. Even the oldest Ayurvedic texts suggest that you drink frequently with buttermilk.

Buttermilk (chaas in Hindi) is a well-loved summer beverage throughout North India. Apart from being delicious and light it also has a number of benefits to drinking buttermilk.

What is Buttermilk?

The term “buttermilk” can be misleading as it doesn’t contain butter. It is created from the leftover liquid of the whole milk which is turned into butter.

It is a popular drink that is healthy and popular across different North Indian regions. Because of is a source of lactic acid its acidity can be high and assists in stopping unwanted bacterial growth which is one of the primary advantages of buttermilk for health.

The acidity of lactic acid can also give it an unpleasant taste. This is because of lactose that is fermented (the principal sugar that is present in the milk) within it. Buttermilk is thicker than the regular milk of cows. When the bacteria present in this beverage release the acid lactic and its pH levels decrease, it causes. Additionally, casein (a primary protein found in milk) becomes solidified.

In the event of a lower pH the buttermilk curdles, and thickens. The reason for this is that low pH makes buttermilk acidic. It has a pH that ranges from 6.7-6.9 which is very higher than the pH in buttermilk (4.4-4.8).

These are Buttermilk’s Ten Health Benefits

1. Reduces Acidity

One of the most significant benefits of chaas can be that it aids in reducing acidity. If you frequently experience acid reflux following meals it is time to start drinking buttermilk.

A glass of buttermilk in the morning after meals can aid in digestion and stop acidity. A few added condiments like pepper or dried ginger could enhance the properties of buttermilk. It can help reduce irritation of the stomach linings caused by acid reflux.

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2. Combats Constipation

Buttermilk can also be a natural remedy to prevent constipation and associated issues. If you consume buttermilk on a regular basis it can help alleviate the symptoms while aiding in the flow of bowels due to its high fiber content.

3. Impact of Cooling

Another advantage of drinking Chaas is that it has cooling effects on the body, specifically digestion. Therefore, it’s an ideal drink to enjoy during summer. If you experience burning sensations in your stomach, it is worth drinking an ounce of buttermilk to feel immediate relief.

4. Keeps You Hydrated

It’s a great drink to keep the body well-hydrated particularly during summer. Dehydration can cause some issues as well as general discomfort.

Because buttermilk is a rich source of electrolytes it stops the loss of water in your body. Therefore, it naturally helps to hydrate your body and reduces illnesses that are common in summer, like hot and prickly.

5. Promotes Detoxification

One of the biggest benefits of buttermilk is that it’s a source of riboflavin, which helps convert the energy from food to. It also assists in the release of hormones.

Riboflavin enhances the liver’s function and promotes detoxification. When you regularly drink buttermilk, toxins will easily be eliminated from your body.

6. Contains Vital Vitamins and Nutrients 

Buttermilk is a rich source of vitamin and mineral content, including vitamin B, potassium, and vitamin B. It’s also a great source of protein and other nutrients, making it beneficial in balancing the deficiencies of vitamins within the body.

7. High in Calcium

Buttermilk is among the top sources of calcium. A lot of people suffer from lactose intolerance and therefore, are unable to consume buttermilk or dairy products in general. The positive side is that lactose-intolerant individuals can consume buttermilk with no adverse side effects.

Additionally, buttermilk is an excellent calcium source for those on a diet or who are trying to shed weight as it doesn’t have fats.

8. Lowers Blood Pressure

Based on certain research studies, frequent drinking of buttermilk can lower blood pressure in a significant way. Because of it being a source of proteins, which have cholesterol-lowering properties, buttermilk has been suggested to those with high BP patients.

9. lowers cholesterol levels

Based on Ayurvedic texts, drinking regular intake of buttermilk can help control cholesterol levels. This is also supported by science since some studies have shown that buttermilk helps keep cholesterol levels under control.

10. Prevention of Illnesses

Buttermilk is rich in milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) that is composed of compounds that possess anti-fungal antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. Therefore, drinking buttermilk can prevent numerous ailments.


Buttermilk is a well-known dairy product that comes with numerous health benefits due to its presence of different vitamins and minerals. Buttermilk’s benefits range from maintaining the proper weight to reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. levels.

FAQs on Buttermilk:-

Do we have to drink buttermilk every day?

Yes, buttermilk is a good option to be consumed every day. It’s a great source of vitamins and minerals that help to maintain strong bones. It also contains substances that can help boost your heart health as well as oral hygiene. So, it is important to incorporate it into a regular portion of your daily diet.

Do you like to drink buttermilk in the evening?

In the evening, drinking a glass of buttermilk at night can aid in digestion, encouraging sleep and sleep. If you have a an allergy to pollen or cold drinkers, be careful not to drink it in the evening or it may cause sore throats early in the day.

Does buttermilk aid in losing weight?

It is low in fat It is recommended by physicians to patients who are on eating a diet that is low in calories. Thus, drinking buttermilk could aid in losing weight. It’s also full of nutrients and offers additional health benefits for health-conscious people.

Why Do Indians Love Buttermilk?

Indians love buttermilk for its refreshing taste, digestive benefits, and cultural significance in cuisine.

Is Buttermilk more nutritious than regular milk?

Of course. In Indian villages, buttermilk is made fresh in the home. It is consumed as a breakfast drink to give a fresh start for the day. Because it is a probiotic, buttermilk is thought to be more nutritious than milk. In addition, it assists in reducing the acidity due to milk products.

How do you keep buttermilk?

When you open a bottle of buttermilk the bottle can last for at least 14 days within the fridge. It can be frozen without opening or placed in a sealed container that is airtight for up to 3 months. If you notice any changes in its texture, not consume it.