6 Benefits of Amla for Perfect Skin


Amla is a common ingredient that is widely used in India consumed in a variety of ways, but did you know it can be applied to the skin to improve the appearance of skin? Find out more here about how amla can benefit you to skin!

Many of us recall amla in the form of a bitter, sweet food item that grandmothers used to recommend eating regularly. A food staple in all Indian household amla, also known as it is known simply as Indian gooseberry can be described as a powerful food with a variety of nutrients and incredible properties that help keep your health in top shape.

It is the most sought-after ingredient because it is essential to healing many illnesses. It is available in various forms like amla powder or amla juice, as well as amla chutney and pickle. It can also be applied topically for help with skin problems.

Advantages of Amla for Skin

The following are the top benefits amla has to offer our skin:

1. Treats Skin break out

Amla assists in the removal of acne marks. An effective blood cleanser, it helps prevent pimples and increases the healing process of skin. It helps protect and maintain gorgeous, radiant skin. It helps eliminate wrinkles, lines wrinkles and spots, keeping the skin youthful by enhancing its tone. The application of amla paste on the damaged areas helps to reduce inflammation and scarring.

2. Brightens face

Amla is a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C, and both aid in brightening your skinand improve the appearance of your skin.. You can consume amla juice or use it as a face mask. A good cleanser will help eliminate dead skin cells from the face, which results in radiant, glowing skin. Consuming amla regularly produces more collagen in the skin, which makes it smooth and beautiful.

3. Lessens Skin Pigmentation

Amla’s healing properties help cleanse the skinand aid in reducing the appearance of your skin. Apply amla juice on your face, and let it dry. After that, using a small bit of cloth, wash it off.

Drinking amla juice to aid in skin whitening can be beneficial. It can help remove tans on the skin. Amla can also treat skin conditions like psoriasis and leprosy. skin allergies, and eczema.

4. Anti-ageing Powerhouse

One of the biggest benefits of amla is that it aids in slowing the aging process of skin. Since it’s loaded with the benefits from vitamin C it is useful in maintaining the youthful appearance that your face has.

The natural antioxidants present in it help protect skin from the damaging impact from free radicals. The radicals that cause damage to the skin break down collagen on the skin, leading to wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots, fine lines and more. Consuming amla every day can help prevent premature aging and give your skin soft and supple.

5. Forestalls Dandruff and Irritation on the Scalp

Amla juice is a potent treatment for getting rid of scalp dandruff itching particularly in winter. Dry scalp is a typical condition that occurs during winter. Application of the amla fruit juice can help moisturize the scalp and prevents the build-up of the dandruff which results from a dry scalp. Amla’s antibacterial properties help treat dandruff -induced itching. Apply amla juice to your scalp for 15-20 minutes prior to shampooing your hair. Rinse it off completely with clean water.

6. Peels the Skin Delicately

Amla is also an gentle exfoliator by applying it topically on the skin. Apply a mask to your face using amla powder or paste in order to exfoliate the skin gently. This will rid your skin of dead cellsand help to prevent the build-up of impurities.

Amla Juice Benefits for Skin

As one of the most healthful drinks Amla juice is an excellent source of vitamin C as well as other vital nutrients, like iron, which provide numerous advantages for beauty and health. A skin-care elixir Amla juice can help prevent acne and its resulting skin scarring. It gives you radiant clean and radiant skin. In addition, amla juice benefits for skin are aplenty.

Amla can be a powerful ingredient to tighten skin and improve exfoliation. The astringent properties of amla tighten pores and improve complexion. As a natural cleanser amla juice helps heal your skin from the inside which makes it healthier. Being a natural cleanser amla juice helps heal your skin from the inside which makes it healthy.

Amla juice is a great way to refresh your skin and gives it an additional layer of freshness, which makes it stand out. In any case, whether you apply the juice directly or drink it, it will help prevent the appearance of premature ageing.

Consume 30 ml amla juice, and dilute with 30-50 ml of water to get healthy and well-nourished skin. You can add sugar, honey or salt according to your preference and drink it regularly. In addition you may choose to use it as a topical application. Apply amla juice using the cotton pad on your skin, and rinse it off when it has dried.

Amla Powder Advantages for Skin

Apart from eating amla as a component of our normal diet It can also be applied externally for face masks and exfoliating scrubs that help rid of dead skin cells and protect it from acne, pimples sunburns, and various other skin issues.

In a variety of antiquated skin treatments the use of amla was widely employed to fight and enhancing the skin’s tone. Make a facial mask using two tablespoons of powdered amla or amla that has been freshly blended along with one tablespoon of yoghurt along with one teaspoon honey. Mix it thoroughly and then apply it evenly to your neck and face. Let it dry for about 20 minutes, and then wash it off using cool water. Pat your face dry.

Amla powder can be used in conjunction with a carrier oil. Mix amla powder and oils and rub it on your scalp and skin. Apply almond and coconut oils to get the best results.

According to research, amla improves the skin’s elasticity by eliminating dead skin cells, and then forming new ones. Its antioxidant properties provide protection against UV rays and help prevent skin injury.

Amla powder benefits to the skin include amla’s benefits in reducing inflammation and redness on the skin. Anti-bacterial properties and the anti-inflammatory qualities found in amla aid in reducing the signs of acne that results due to the excessive production of sebum that causes the skin to become extremely oily. The exfoliation process with amla powder can help reduce the chances of skin irritation and acne. at low levels.

Make a scrub with half a cup freshly blended amla powder or amla powder, half one cup of sugar granulated and a tablespoon of rosewater – all blended together. Rub your skin gently with this paste, then wash it off by using cool water. This will leave your skin soft and young and healthy.


Amla is a small fruit with a wealth of benefits to health. It is a remedy to many health-related diseases, and can help promote it’s growth and progress. In addition, adding a tiny amount of amla into your diet could improve your overall health and skin because its rich nutritional value can boost your immune system as well as increase the flow of blood. This will in turn nourish your skin, causing it to appear radiant.

The skin needs affection and attention in the midst of toxic chemical-based skincare products and a high level of pollution. For over 1000 decades, Ayurveda has been considered amla as one of the top food items for skin. Now is the time to try it yourself and enjoy the advantages.