When is the ideal time for reconstructive surgery?

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Reconstructive surgery is not the same as cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery may be performed to improve your looks or make you feel better about yourself, but it is not required for medical reasons. Medical grounds are used to do reconstructive surgery. For both large and small treatments, insurance frequently covers this sort of surgery.

Why do you need reconstructive surgery?

Some types of cancer surgery will almost certainly require reconstructive surgery. You might have a breast removed to treat breast cancer, for example. You can have reconstructive surgery to have an implant placed in your breast. Alternatively, tissue or nerves may be removed as part of treatment for head and neck cancer, skin cancer, or other cancers. Reconstructive surgery can help you recover from the effects of cancer surgery on your body. Reach out to plastic surgery in Coimbatore to undergo advanced surgical procedures.

How does reconstructive surgery function?

Tissue from one portion of the body is commonly used in reconstructive surgery to rebuild another. For example, head and neck surgery can change the shape of your jawbone. To rebuild your jaw, your surgeon may use bone from your leg. This can help to restore the original shape and function of your jaw.

“Autologous reconstruction” is the medical term for this type of surgery. This means that the surgical tissue is taken from your own body. It is a common reconstructive surgery procedure. Consult the best reconstructive surgery hospitals in Coimbatore for the best reconstructive procedures.

It is common for reconstructive surgery to take tissue from one part of the body to fix another. The contour of your jawbone, for example, could be altered as a result of head and neck surgery. As a result, to rebuild your jaw, your surgeon may use bone from your leg. This can help restore the contour and function of your jaw.

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Autologous reconstruction is the medical term for this procedure. This indicates that all of the tissue used in the procedure is derived from the patient. Reconstructive surgery utilizing this technique is quite prevalent.

Implants that aren’t real. Implants, or artificial bodily parts, may be given to you. If you’ve had your breast, testicles, or penis removed because of cancer, you can have implants to replace what was lost. Reach out to your specialist to understand the reconstructive surgery cost in Coimbatore that fits your budget.

Your surgeon may utilize a 3-D printer to create an implant for some surgeries, such as a new jawbone grafting. During surgery, this implant will be inserted into your body.

Changing the scars. Reconstructive surgery can be used to mend scars from previous procedures.

Understanding the different types of reconstructive surgeries available

Breast construction:

Following a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can help restore the form, look, symmetry, and size of the breasts to near-normal levels. In breast reconstruction, implants can be used, or the patient’s tissue from another part of the body can be used in the flap procedure. Consult the best breast reconstruction surgeons in the city to undergo the treatment without any complications.

Breast reduction:

To achieve a breast size that is more in proportion with the rest of the body, a reduction of mammaplasty or breast reduction is performed. Some women use it to alleviate pain from big breasts. Breast reduction is an option for men as well.

Hand and leg surgery:

Carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and Dupuytren’s contracture can all benefit from hand surgery (a disabling hand disorder marked by scar-like tissue bands on the palm). These procedures can be used to treat disorders that cause pain and weaken the wrists and fingers. They are also capable of correcting some birth defects.

What are the various techniques used in reconstructive surgeries?

Skin grafts:

A skin transplant is a surgical procedure in which a healthy patch of skin is removed from one part of the body and used to replace damaged or missing skin in another part of the body. When put in the recipient site, the separated portion of the skin requires the formation of new blood vessels to link it to the surrounding tissue.

Tissue expansion:

A process is known as “tissue expansion” enables the body to essentially “create” new skin by stretching existing tissue. Using a balloon-like device called an expander, saltwater is slowly pumped into the skin at the area of repair. This causes the skin to stretch and grow. A patient’s situation and the size of the area to be healed determine how long it takes to expand the tissue.

Flap reconstruction surgery:

During flap reconstruction, a blood artery and a living piece of tissue are transferred from one place of the body to another. In contrast to skin grafts, flaps can be utilized to treat more intricate lesions because they have their blood supply. If you’ve lost skin, muscular movement, or skeletal support, flap surgery can help you get your body back in shape.

How to decide on reconstructive surgery?

Your surgeon will be able to advise you on your best options. There are several considerations to consider while choosing the best form of reconstructive surgery for you. Included on this list may be:

  • To what extent do you require cancer surgery, as well as the level of reconstruction.
  • You may have had previous surgery in the same place, in which case
  • What do you like in terms of taste
  • Additional cancer treatment may be required.
  • Any medical concerns you may have, as well as your general well-being.

What are the acquired reasons to undergo reconstructive surgery?

Conditions that arise after birth are known as acquired. Some entail disease and infection, while others are the result of an accident. Traumatic injuries treated by reconstructive surgery can be, for example:


Plastic surgeons operate on cancer patients a lot of the time. Cancers of the skin, breast, head, and neck, and sarcoma are commonly treated with reconstructive surgery, including excision, closure, and flap reconstruction.


Trauma and injury need the use of reconstructive surgical methods. In many plastic surgery units, half of their labor is devoted to treating hand injuries. Treatment of open fractures of the lower limb and facial soft tissue injuries are also common.

How will an expert analyze the condition?

Your procedure will be as unique as the problem you’re trying to solve. An in-depth medical history is taken by your surgeon, who then assesses your situation in light of your expectations for the procedure and the medical necessity for it.

Can’t move about because of muscle spasms caused by a burn injury, for example? You’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and you’ll need surgery on many sections of your body. With the advice of your surgeon, you and your doctor can select which treatment choice is ideal for you. Reach out to the best reconstructive surgeon in Coimbatore to undergo a safe reconstructive surgery procedure.

While some discomfort is to be expected after plastic surgery, it should be fairly controllable and any pain should subside rapidly. When it comes to pain, several variables might affect the intensity of discomfort following surgery.

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