The Best Vitamin D Spray Benefits

Vitamin D Spray

Many thousands people have taking Vitamin D supplements for a long time. Why would you need to think about using an alternative vitamin D spray?

In the end, there are many benefits to Vitamin D-based sprays one might not know about We’ll discuss all of them in this piece.

We’ll break that question into two distinct sections.

The first step is to look at the advantages that vitamin D sprays offer versus more traditional supplements like tablets or capsules.

In the second section of this article, we’ll take a look more in depth at the benefits to health of taking any vitamin D-based supplement.

Let’s get started.

Vitamin D Showers Vs Tablets

At Simply Supplements we’ve been selling vitamin D in capsules and tablets form for many years. Based on scientific research, we know that these supplements are extremely efficient in increasing vitamin D levels within the body. We also are aware from our more than 40,000 Trustpilot testimonials that the vitamin D pills we sell are well-reviewed. So, why add an additional spray in our popular collection?

Different Absorption Route

It’s tempting to believe that spraying vitamin D-rich liquid to your mouth sounds like taking a tablet or capsule. It’s natural to imagine that when you swallow that the vitamin D in liquid form will pass through your digestive tract just as a tablet, gradually getting absorbed into the wall of your stomach.

But, studies have proven that’s not always the entire picture.
The scientific research regarding vitamin D sprays have revealed an alternative method of absorption – this time by the tissues in the mouth. Yes, vitamin D is able to be absorption into the body through the mucous membranes.

The decision on which route is more effective is dependent on your personal situation (discussed below) however it’s definitely one aspect that separates sprays from tablets.

Decreased Gut Absorption

You might be surprised discover how many suffer from lower intestinal absorption. This means that supplements may not absorb completely after eating.

There are a variety of medical conditions that could alter the amount of food the digestive system is able to absorb, and many who have poor absorption might not be conscious of it.

But that’s not the complete story.

The gut’s permeability can naturally decline as we get older, which means that older people even when they appear to be healthy, might be unable to absorb nutrients as well as they did in the past.

People with these conditions could benefit from the other intake route provided through oral sprays.

No Hardships Gulping Tablets

We all have a negative experience eating tablets. They can cause us to grumble or gag generally speaking, the bigger tablets is, the more difficult the experience of swallowing it.

Although vitamin D tablets tend to be very small in size, young children and older adults may have trouble taking them.

Finding a substitute that is suitable isn’t always simple. However, the vitamin D oral spray is an simple solution to try. There’s no reason to suffer with low levels of vitamin D whatever your life style.

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Flavorful Fruity Taste

It’s true that this benefit isn’t exactly research-based supplement, but those that taste delicious are few and very few.

If you really like the flavor of vitamin D, you’ll be amazed by how much easier to remember to take it and to keep up with your regimen of supplements in the long run.

Vitamin D-infused oral sprays come in two flavours such as orange or Elderberry & Lime, making them an enjoyable daily supplement to your daily health regimen.

Nutrients on the Go

Vitamin tablets generally aren’t the best things to carry around or to leave at home. The bottles can be huge and can also rattle. But sprays are different.

Oral sprays are less invasive than other sprays and will not make a loud noise when carried around. If you’re searching for an effective vitamin D supplement that is suitable for a busy lifestyle, An oral spray could be the best option for you.

Effectiveness Rates

A lot of us have taken vitamins D supplements for many years. If you’re thinking about whether to try the spray version of vitamin D then you’re probably wondering what the efficacy of sprays actually is?

Fortunately, there have been several scientific studies about the topic in the last few years, so there are some facts to look over.

A study pitted tablets and vitamin D sprays against one another. A group of people used one or one for a period of four weeks. They then had a break to let them to allow their levels of vitamin D drop to normal. After that, they swapped treatment in such a way that the group who was that was taking tablets for vitamin D took a spray instead, and in reverse. The levels of vitamin D for the participants were continuously monitored.

The results revealed that both treatments boosted levels of vitamin D in the body. In the average, 59% of patients had low vitamin D levels when they started however, this decreased to zero after treatment. Importantly, however, the researchers discovered “no significant difference” between the two treatment options which concluded the “oral spray vitamin D3 is an equally effective alternative to capsule supplementation in healthy adults”.

The second study examined Gelatin-based vitamins D supplements containing spray. Although the number of participants was significantly smaller than the first study it comprised both people who have normal gut absorption rates as well as those with known problems with absorption.

The results of this little clinical study were even more favorably in favor of Vitamin D Spray. Both methods improved the amount of vitamin D within your body, but the vitamin D spray was a significant step ahead of both groups. The researchers concluded that the “spray produced a significantly higher [vitamin D] concentration as compared to the soft gelatin capsule”.

Finally, we can draw inspiration from the research of sports researchers. In recent years, there were indications that higher levels of vitamin D could improve performance during exercise through improving the strength of muscles or increasing oxygen usage throughout the body.

In one study, footballers were given a daily dose of vitamin D to track changes in performance. The test, however, failed to find any improvements in performance However, the data showed that it “significantly increased” vitamin D levels within the body, despite it didn’t translate into increased athletic performance.

These studies together really make clear one important fact: vitamin D sprays aren’t the newest trend. Based on the research you study, it appears to be that sprays containing vitamin D are comparable to capsules or tablets in certain situations, and they could be even more effective.

Why Take Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is most likely an extremely widely-known and commonly used supplements. In fact, Public Health England recommends a vitamin D supplement during cold winter season for British population. For certain people who are deficient in vitamin D, taking a supplement is recommended all year.

In case you’re thinking the reasons we should be taking the vitamin D level more serious, here are some good arguments…

Healthy Skeleton

Vitamin D is most likely well-known for its role in contributing to a healthy bone structure. Deficiencies that are severe can cause rickets among children, or osteoporosis in mature adults.

The statistics on osteoporosis are shocking and it is estimated that one third of women who are over 55 years old are likely to be affected by osteoporosis at some point or later. Vitamin D is one of many nutrients believed to aid in maintaining a strong bones as we age – other ones comprise calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin K. It definitely plays a major part.

But don’t believe that it’s only people in the middle of the age range who need to pay extra attention to their bones. For instance, it’s been proven in research that hormonal changes during the period leading up to menopausal symptoms could have a negative effect upon bone mass. According to the North American Menopause Society, for instance declares that one of the major risks for developing osteoporosis are “low calcium and vitamin D intake”.

Even if you’re fit and healthy having a supplement in your diet is a simple and economical way to feel certain that your body is full of vitamin D, no matter the time of year.

Resistant Help

In recent years, there is research showing that vitamin D is a key factor in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Vitamin D plays a part in activating and sustaining several of the recognized immune cells within the body. But there is increasing evidence suggesting that it influences the gut bacteria, a different important source of immune-boosting.

Cardiovascular Wellbeing

Based on the British Heart Foundation there is one heart attack every five minutes across the UK. Additionally it is estimated that there are 7.6 million British people suffering from circulatory or heart-related diseases. That means that we struggle with our heart health.

There are many aspects that impact your the health of your heart, ranging including smoking or smoking cigarettes, to your fitness regimen and, of course, your diet. While vitamin D intake isn’t the sole – or perhaps the most important aspect, it does appear to have a part to play.

In the USA In the United States, a massive study of the vitamin D levels of the population found that 50 million teens were suffering from vitamin D deficiency. The research findings revealed that this state of nutrient intake was linked to an 2.4-fold increase in blood pressure and a consequent 4 times growth in metabolic syndrome.

But the study mentioned above wasn’t just observational. In the course of their research, the researchers tried giving 2,000 IU’s vitamin D every day to the participants. Their findings showed the “significant decrease in arterial wall stiffness” which is a common sign of more serious cardiovascular diseases.

Research has shown that Vitamin D intake regulates the functions of the cells which line blood vessels. This is why an increase in vitamin D levels is connected to a lower blood pressure. When blood pressure drops to a healthy level the heart is put in a less stressful position. This can lead to more health and longevity.

Cancer Defense

It is normal to be skeptical about any evidence indicating that a particular nutrient is cancer-fighting, however there’s been some intriguing studies in this area.

One study showed for instance that the increase in vitamin D levels within the body was linked to an “17% reduction in total cancer incidence”. The most interesting finding was that this impact was evident most in the digestive cancers, where increased levels of vitamin D may contribute to the reduction of 45% in incidences.

A larger study conducted over a period of 4 years of women who were older found that daily doses of vitamin D (1100iu) and calcium (400-1500mg) decreased overall cancer risk by 60%..

Another study, this one collating information from a variety of earlier analyses, revealed the reduction of 30-50% in the risk of colorectal, prostate, and breast cancers through “increasing vitamin D intake to least 1000iu per day”.

Although this is a subject of ongoing research and we’re still trying to arrive at a consensus on the effect the vitamin D supplementation has on the incidence of cancer It’s yet another reason that a vitamin spray can be an excellent supplement to your routine.

Vitamin D is Low in Many Food sources

There are very few foods that contain anything in terms Vitamin D. Although a handful of food items, such as mushrooms and oily fish, have a tiny amount of vitamin D, it’s not always simple to satisfy your body’s requirements by this method. It is the same for foods that are fortified, such as the majority of breakfast cereals.

Most of us only have two options to boost vitamin D levels within our bodies, exposure to sunlight or supplements. The sun’s exposure however, may be more effective for certain individuals as compared to some…

Vitamin D Levels Can Change

Human bodies are remarkable at synthesising vitamin D within the skin in reaction to exposure to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays. However, studies have revealed that some people are able to produce lesser amounts than others. People who are older who have heavily pigmented skin may struggle to produce the same amount of collagen as an older and fair-skinned person.

There’s also our modern day lifestyle in which most of us are spending long hours indoors, sometimes even in the summer. When we finally get a break from work we’re more aware of the harm too much sunshine can do. But as we cover ourselves in long sleeves and hats,, and sunscreen as well, we are also affecting the ability of our skin to create vitamin D.

Although a few minutes of direct sunlight during bright days are extremely beneficial in boosting Vitamin D levels a lot of us benefit from regular intake of vitamin D thanks to supplements.


As we’ve learned in this article, adequate level of vitamin D are linked with a variety of aspects of a healthy lifestyle. As it’s difficult to get in diet, many people now depend on supplements for vitamin D to gain tranquility.

However the evidence available so far shows the efficacy that vitamin D sprays can provide as a viable alternative to traditional methods.

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