Signs You are Dealing With a Mental Health Issue

Signs You are Dealing With a Mental Health Issue

Mental health is just like a route map that decides or drives your body in a particular direction. And affect your thinking, emotions, and behavior towards society. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your mental health in good condition. However, millions of people suffering from mental health issues annually report to the clinic of psychiatry in Dubai.

The reason is that often people ignore the early symptoms of mental health problems including pain, stress, and changing sleeping patterns. And thought mental sickness is a rare disease that can only happen to rich people.  

Mental sickness rises due to multiple reasons including response to natural phenomena, unwanted incidents, failure, stress, or the problems of married life.

However, mental sickness is also found in young adults and children because of neglecting behavior of parents, teachers, or friends circle, genetic issues, or due to some trauma. In some cases, the symptoms do not appear at an early stage or may be very slight that can not be noticed by the patient or the related people.

Regardless of the seriousness of the disease, it’s crucial to treat it in time to avoid serious consequences. And to cure it’s essential to diagnose the problem based on the symptoms. 

Some early symptoms and signs of mental sickness may include,

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression 

Feeling stressed because of a hectic day or doing something challenging is a common practice for all of us. But over-stressing or long-term stress over little things is a sign of mental health. Overburden, workload, and failure to achieve something very important often result in stress. 

Anxiety is the second most common sign of mental health. In this situation, patients show wild behavior over slight issues, and experience panic attacks. Neglecting behavior of parents or society plays a major role in causing anxiety in children. 

Feeling sad or depressed about unwanted happenings, failure, and loss of something or someone very close to my heart is normal behavior. However, some people going into depression mode do not show their emotions and like to stay alone. This state is very dangerous for mental health and can cause serious consequences. 

Personality Complex (feeling extremely high or low) 

Every one of us has a unique personality and different skills or abilities. And most of us compare our personality with others to improve our flaws and bring a positive attitude. However, feeling jealous can destroy your personality. And it can lead to serious mental health issues called personality complexes. 

The person suffering from a personality complex shows two types of reactions. Either he tries to prove himself better than others or he feels down than others. Both types of reactions are extremely dangerous because the patient forgets the difference between good and evil and always feels alone, which can lead to depression attacks.  

Changes in Sleeping or Eating Behavior 

Due to physical sickness, change in eating or sleeping behavior is a common practice. However, sudden and dramatic change is a sign of mental sickness. In this form, the patient either eats excessive food or does not eat at all. And the same goes for sleeping. If not treated immediately it can lead to serious consequences including insomnia and physical disorders. 

Social Withdrawal and Self Harm 

Some people naturally avoid becoming part of gatherings. However, they also gave some rare people to spend time with, talk or share food with. But fear of gatherings or urge to self-harm are red alarms that the person is suffering from serious mental-sickness.

This type of patient requires immediate response and care. And it’s dangerous to leave such persons alone. 

Delusions and Hallucinations 

One of the major signs of mental illness called delusions is a state in which the patient is always lost in thinking strange like someone wants to kill him or harm him, insects crawling on his bed or body, and fear of heights. It’s a very dangerous situation and delay in treatment can lead to the destruction of mental health. 

Hallucination or the urge to attempt suicide is also a serious indication of mental sickness. In case of the appearance of these symptoms, it is crucial to immediately contact a well-reputed psychiatry center, such as Camali Clinic, to avoid irreparable loss. 

Final Word 

Witnessing mental health symptoms in yourself or your loved one is a common practice in this materialistic world and almost 44 million patients annually suffer from mental health problems. The important thing is not to ignore early symptoms of mental health and immediately contact a psychiatrist to regain normal mental health.