Tips to Ensure a Successful Recovering Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery gives you the opportunity to rebuild confidence in yourself and feel confident and happy with a healthy hair. These days, procedures are much more efficient as well as less painful and require less time to recover than they used to. But, there are important things you have to be aware of to ensure the success of your hair transplant recovery.

Beard transplants and hair transplants are both widely known as relatively simple cosmetic procedures. There’s no surgical equipment scars, no scars, or general anesthesia. In addition they make getting them out relatively easy. Because of the speed of recovery and absence in down time, this method of recovery of hair transplants using Follicular Unit Extraction is very popular. But, you should be aware of certain things about the recovery of hair transplants.

1. The importance of downtime

In the first place, ensure that you have ample downtime. In the initial 24 hours of recovery are crucial and you should avoid any activities during this time. After the first few days it is possible to return to some of your regular activities, however your doctor may suggest that you cut back on the activities that are more strenuous for a little longer.

2. Beware of Exercise and strenuous activities.

The initial 72 hours of healing following a hair transplant procedure are crucial it is important to relax for a while. Many doctors recommend against exercising or other strenuous activity for about two weeks following the hair transplant. The goal is to avoid expanding blood flow to your scalp in this period, so you should avoid certain activities, and even physical movements, like:

  • The waist is bent at an angle (bend towards the knees instead)
  • Running, jogging, or running
  • Push-ups, sit-ups, or sit-ups

Any activity that raises blood pressure on the scalp or causes significant sweating must be avoided in this time.

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3. Don’t wash up just yet

It is recommended to not wash your hair during the initial 72 hours following the procedure for hair transplants. This will allow your scalp to recover. When the healing process is complete it is time to clean your hair with gentleness. Do not put the shampoo straight on your scalp, however. Place a few drops of shampoo in a bowl with water, then add it to the cup, shake it up, and then foam it up. Then, apply it to your hair before washing it off with fresh water. In the initial week following the procedure, make sure to keep your hair from the direct spray of the showerhead and also.

4. Don’t wear the headwear

It’s natural to need to put on a hat however, you should not do it for the first 7 days or for that matter. Following that time you are able to wear a loosely fitting hat but you should avoid any that is too tight. In five days you’re able to wear any kind of hat you like.

5. Alcohol and Nicotine

Alcohol diluents blood vessels It is therefore important to avoid drinking alcohol for the first 5 days or so following the procedure. In the case of nicotine, it is necessary to quit smoking for around four weeks prior to and following the procedure due to the effects that nicotine can have on blood pressure as well as reducing blood flow.

6. Sunlight and Scratching/Itching

Your scalp will be irritated as it heals. Don’t scratch it. It is essential to allow growth of scabs and the healing process happen naturally. To prevent this, ensure that your scalp is kept out of direct sunlight for two weeks.

We believe that this advice will aid the healing process of your hair transplant. At the ASG Hair Transplant Centre respect your decision-making process and hope for you to be happy with the outcome. Hair transplants are a major step, and we would like to ensure you’re informed prior to you make the decision to ensure you get a speedy recovery.

As you will see, the recovery procedure for today’s hair transplants isn’t all hard and tiring. Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be able have a healthy, full-length hair within a matter of minutes.

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