5 Questions When You Visit Your Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Chiropractor for Neck pain
Chiropractor for Neck pain

Pain in your neck can be nothing more than the usual stiff neck issue. If your neck is sore or stiff, don’t force it by turning it this way or that. You might worsen the problem. Instead, call and book a session with your chiropractor for neck pain. By getting proper treatment right from the start, you keep your neck pain from turning into a bigger issue. Before you go, though, here are some of the questions that you can expect

What Resulted in Your Neck Pain?

Be ready to provide more details or information about any activity or incident that could have caused the pain in your neck. Were you in a car accident? That could be the result of whiplash. Or maybe the neck pain was the result of long habits, developing over time. By giving out details, you can help your chiropractor determine the source of the problem. That will determine the right treatment for your condition. 

How Long Has the Pain Been There?

During your consultation, your chiropractor will try to establish a timeline. So, you should know how to accurately pinpoint the exact time when you started to feel the discomfort. For instance, did it start a few days ago? Or has the pain been there, on and off, for months? Your answers will again affect your treatment. It can help your chiro determine if the neck pain is ordinary and can easily be treated or if it’s already chronic pain. Chronic pain is usually a sign of an underlying condition. A skilled chiropractor in Fishers, Indiana is likely familiar with the symptoms, so they can help you figure out if you have a health problem that you need to address and receive treatment for right away.

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Does the Pain Radiate Elsewhere?

Some types of neck pain could extend to other parts of the body. If you can feel the pain in your hands, arms, or shoulders, too, that could point to deeper issues in your neck. The nerves in your spine branch off to these parts and problems with those nerves can lead to the discomfort you feel in areas and spots other than your neck.

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What Solutions Did You Try?

What kind of solutions did you try to achieve pain relief? Did you take pain meds? What about rest, massage therapy, or pain-relieving creams or lotions? Did you apply heat or ice? What about acupuncture or chiropractic care? Be sure not to skip over any of the details. Any form of treatment that you used to deal with the pain could also provide insight into the problem.

What Worsens/Improves the Pain?

When you rest, does the pain go away or is it still there when you wake up? Your chiropractor might also recommend exercises that you can do to alleviate the discomfort and keep the achiness from getting worse. By knowing what worsens and improves the pain, your chiropractor can warn you against certain activities that could worsen the pain even more while easing and treating the condition.